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Anne Hathaway talks up elusive Judy Garland project

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway may have spent her last movie ( Love And Other Drugs ) rolling around in the sack with Jake Gyllenhaal, but she’s not going to mope now that’s over – instead looking to the future.

While rumours were shot down last week that she’d be starring in the Barbarella remake, Hathaway will definitely be starring in a Judy Garland biopic – if it ever gets made.

“It’s a very sensitive project and there have been so many stories told about her life that we’re really trying to get it right,” she tells BBC Radio Four’s Front Row . “So we’re taking our time with it.

“I know it seems like it’s sort of an endless process but it’s very, very slow incremental steps. I had a meeting about it a couple of weeks ago and we’re all very motivated.”

So at least the reason for the project’s slow birth is that they want to get it right – not that Hollywood thinks it’s a duff.

The singing aspect of the movie is also something that’s being debated, with it unclear whether Hathaway will do a Reese Witherspoon and sing herself, or mime to Garland’s existing vocals.

“I certainly don’t sing like Judy Garland but the talk is to have me do the singing,” Hathaway says. “But I think people might cry murder if they don’t get to hear Judy’s beloved voice so the talk is for me to sing but I don’t know if that’s exactly what will happen.”