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50 Weirdest Examples Of Harry Potter Fan Art

Love's Young Dream

The Image: One can only hope that Harry never caught a glimpse of this one whilst browsing through the pensieve.

Artistic Flair: James Potter’s hair is a bit odd, isn’t it?

Badass Ron

The Image: In Ronald Weasley’s head, this is probably what the famous trio would end up looking like. In your dreams, son.

Artistic Flair: We’d wager there’s a decent graphic novel illustrator behind this one.


The Image: Oh dear, Harry knows when he’s not wanted. We suppose since both Ron and Hermione are asleep, this shouldn’t really seem that weird. And yet…

Artistic Flair: Pretty impressive pencil-work, it has to be said!


The Image: At a guess, we’d say this is meant to be Hermione, Ginny and Cho on the brink of getting it on. Harry doesn’t seem too pleased, strangely…

Artistic Flair: Boobs and bums seem to be the artist’s speciality. Noses? Not so much.


The Image: Just in case Bill Weasley’s battle of the astronomy tower injury wasn’t described graphically enough for you in the book, here it is in toe-curlingly bloody detail. Nice.

Artistic Flair: It’s not the subtlest image you’ll ever see, but the artist certainly gets their point across…

Cash Money

The Image: Draco channels his inner Scrooge McDuck by taking a bath in a tub full of Galleons. As you do.

Artistic Flair: Draco’s forearms are worryingly big here. Too much… wandwork.

Pucker Up

The Image: Crikey Harry, not sure that lippy is really your shade…

Artistic Flair: We don’t mean to be cruel, but this is probably the worst of the lot. Marvellous stuff.

Under The Sea

The Image: Harry plays Quidditch underwater, as a merman. J.K. Rowling clearly missed a trick here.

Artistic Flair: Not too shabby, is it? A career in a Disney sweatshop awaits…

Lady In Red

The Image: For poor old Severus, nobody could ever live up to Lily Evans…

Artistic Flair: Remarkable. Who knew such tragedy could be portrayed by so few brushstrokes?


The Image: Nope, we’ve got no idea what this one is about. None at all. Sorry!

Artistic Flair: You’re joking, right?

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