50 Weirdest Examples Of Harry Potter Fan Art

Fatty Potter

The Image: Ever wondered what HP would look like if he were fat? Or indeed pregnant? Then wonder no longer…

Artistic Flair: Hmm, it’s not entirely convincing is it? What the hell is going on with his left knee, for example…

Horcrux Hunting

The Image: A weird amalgamation of the books and the films, as Rupert Grint and Emma Watson team up with a version of Harry inspired by the book covers.

Artistic Flair: Aside from the omission of Daniel Radcliffe, what’s going on with all their hair? Ron looks like Worzel Gummidge!

Spooky Scene

The Image: A baleful Harry is comforted in his bedroom by the ghost of one of his dead relatives. At least we think that’s what’s going on here.

Artistic Flair: Poor. Who exactly is that spirit meant to be?


The Image: It’s Harry and Ron, after the latter has rescued the Chosen One from an icy lake. The erotic subtext is somewhat unfortunate.

Artistic Flair: Not bad, although there’s something very creepy about the length of Ron’s fingers.


The Image: It’s Harry Potter, reimagined as Doctor Who. Daniel Radcliffe to replace Matt Smith? Stranger things have happened…

Artistic Flair: It simultaneously looks like both Smith and Radcliffe. Impressive, and not a little disturbing.

Happily Ever After

The Image: Jeeping fuck, what in heaven’s name is happening here? There’s just so much wrong with this. So much…

Artistic Flair:
Nope, we won’t be applauding the artist for this monstrosity. Hideous.

Ron On Guard

The Image: Yeah, we know it’s meant to be Ron keeping watch, but why are Hermione and Harry snuggled up to him like that? Bit strange…

Artistic Flair: If the artist was intending to make Ron look like some sort of sexual deviant, then congratulations – mission accomplished!


The Image: A lot of Potter fan art seems to concern Hermione, but not many of said fans have imagined her as a cat. Can’t think why.

Artistic Flair: It’s quite Thundercats -esque, which is a good thing in our book.

Potter: The College Years

The Image: Hermione has just left the boys a present by the looks of that smirk on her face. Nice picture of a palm tree in the background, there. Well worth framing…

Artistic Flair: They’re all drawn very nicely, although Harry and Ron are seem to be joined at the hip, judging by how closely they’re standing.

Evil Dead

The Image: If Harry Potter had been played by Bruce Campbell, we’d imagine him looking something like this. Genius.

Artistic Flair: Very nice indeed, particularly the matching wand and cigar smoke…

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