50 Weirdest Examples Of Harry Potter Fan Art


The Image: It looks like an experiment with polyjuice potion gone awry doesn’t it? Not sure whether Harry’s miserable exclamation is a result of the accident or Hermione’s godawful pun…

Artistic Flair: Good, but for the fact that Ron has inexplicably turned into a unicorn, whereas the others are mere horses. Why?

The Half-Blood Prince

The Image: Severus Snape, had he grown up on a housing estate in Glasgow. Just you try telling him not to drink that…

Artistic Flair:
We’re not sure what’s more upsetting, his pecs or his neck…


The Image: Ho-ho-ho, Harry’s Engorgio spell has gone awry… which begs the question, what exactly was he trying to engorge?

Artistic Flair: Pretty nifty scribbling, although we’re not sure why Ron is being played by Jimmy Krankie…

Dungeon Master

The Image: Severus Snape, just chilling out down in the potions lab. And why not, eh? Why not.

Artistic Flair: The perspective is all over the show. Must try harder.

You Cannot Be Sirius!

The Image: Harry and who we can only assume must be Sirius cling to each other for safety, while Harry’s Patronus looks on. Bit creepy, this one…

Artistic Flair: Terrible. Sirius looks like a twelve-year-old in a wig!

Hello Ladies

The Image: Harry looks set to perform a bit of wand work on an unseen ladyfriend. He doesn’t look too thrilled by the prospect, though…

Artistic Flair: We’re sure Harry is meant to look brooding an intense here, but sadly, he’s coming off a bit rapey…


The Image: We don’t know what’s more disturbing here, that Dumbledore and Snape seem about to have a Lady And The Tramp moment, or the fact that they appear to be having a plate of sweets for dinner.

Artistic Flair: It’s not bad, in a children’s colouring book kind of way.

Unwanted Advances

The Image: Yikes! Looks like Harry is “under attack” from a persistent Draco Malfoy. Although that’s one of the risks of wearing a zip-up Hogwarts jump-suit…

Artistic Flair: We’d say the artist has captured the sense of impending peril pretty effectively!

Captain Potter

The Image: Hey, we’ve all wondered what the cast of Harry Potter would look like as Starfleet officers, haven’t we? Wait, come back…

Artistic Flair: Not too shabby, although Hermione seems to have filled out a bit…

Got Milk?

The Image: It’s Harry Potter as he would appear if he were a milk carton. Obviously.

Artistic Flair: If the Boy That Lived were indeed a milk carton, we’d imagine he’d look exactly like this. Full marks.

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