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50 Weirdest Examples Of Harry Potter Fan Art

Harry Llama

The Image: It’s Harry as a llama. We knew somebody would do it eventually. It’s such an obvious next step!

Artistic Flair: Whoever drew this has captured the essence of what it is to be a magical llama perfectly.


The Image: Harry and Ron send Hermione’s skirts flying in this grubby little fantasy. Ten points from Gryffindor.

Artistic Flair: Top marks for Manga sleaziness, although Harry does appear to be having a seizure in the background there. Not sure if that’s quite what the artist intended…

Sexy Snape

The Image: It’s just Hermione and Snape passing in the corridor… wait, is Snape a woman? We don’t get it.

Artistic Flair: Top marks for bamboozlement. Mischief managed!


The Image: Why it’s Harry Potter of course! Not as handsome as he looks in the Daily Prophet , is he?

Artistic Flair: Have you not looked at the picture? No more needs to be said on this score, does it?

Deadly Hos

The Image: Despite the fact that the words “hallows” and “hos” sound nothing alike, the artist has taken that wordplay as a jumping off point for a rather extreme Potter makeover. Pimping ain’t easy, yo.

Artistic Flair:
Most of the effort went in to the titular “pun”, we’d wager…


The Image: Ron tries to extricate himself from the unwanted attentions of Lavender Brown. Although judging by his trousers, they might not be that unwanted after all…

Artistic Flair: Great detail here, especially on Hermione’s haughtily impassive expression.

Harry And Snape

The Image: Too creepy for words. We don’t really need to go into any more detail here do we? Good.

Artistic Flair: Yes, yes, very talented we’re sure. Let’s move along now shall we?

Lupin's Secret

The Image: Young Remus Lupin, taking a break from studying to catch up on his “reading”…

Artistic Flair: James and Sirius seem to have broken their pal’s wrist! For his own good, presumably…

Deadly Duo

The Image: Crabbe and Goyle, practicing their striptease routine ahead of the Yule Ball. Or something…

Artistic Flair: This looks as if it’s been plucked straight from the pages of Viz . And we mean that in a good way!


The Image: It’s the boggart version of Professor Snape, as transformed by the Riddikulus spell into Neville’s grandmother’s attire.

Artistic Flair: We like the Disney hero look, and the subject matter is more interesting than the usual fan-created fodder.

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