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3D Doom movie is on the way, might actually be based on the game this time

Doom fans probably still have sour memories over the 2005 film adaptation of the classic FPS. After netting a lot of criticism and grossing less money than the movie cost to produce, it did nothing but add to the list of failed video game-based movies.

Above: 2005's Doom movie was, in a word, terribad

Despite all that, Universal has decided to take another stab at recreating the lore and intensity of Doom on the big screen. Reports also say it'll be in 3D, so that should put some more asses in sea... oh what's that? Every movie is 3D now? Oh. Well then who knows what the draw here will be.

When the first Doom moviereleased in 2005, people behind the project said they knew movies based on video games had a dubious reputation, and promised their film would be different.

It wasn't. In fact, aside from a lot of gore and violence itbarely had aconnection to the game at all. It was a completely detached experience. The only reason to see it was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, backwhen he wasstill arguablycool. You know, in a world before "Tooth Fairy."

Above: The Doom movie's stupid/awesome/stupid again first-person segment. Yes this was in theaters

No word yet if The Rock will be in the new version. I would assume it's going to be an entirely new cast and a completely different storyline - one that actually makes it feel like the filmmakers played the damn game is based on.

Well, we can at least hope.

[Source:What's Playing]

Mar 9, 2011