Atomic Heart will have two endings with a linear structure

Atomic Heart
(Image credit: Mundfish)

Atomic Heart will have two different endings, and is now into the final stages of development.

As first spotted by wccftech, Atomic Heart developer Mundfish published a brand new Q&A blog on their official Discord channel. Within the blog itself, Mundfish writes that Atomic Heart has a "strict linear plot," and while "one should not expect incredible variability," the developer has put some important choices near the conclusion of the game, which will result in two distinct endings.

Additionally, it appears Atomic Heart is nearing the final stages of development. While Mundfish says that they're not quite ready to commit to a solid release date just yet, they're now "at the stage of polishing and final assembly," so here's hoping it's not too long before we can get our hands on the game for ourselves.

Mundfish also spoke briefly about the game's performance on various platforms. The developer writes that they're seeing "good stable performance" on the PS4 as they go through testing and polishing Atomic Heart, which is good news for anyone looking to pick up the new shooter on last-gen consoles when it launches.

Finally, there are two more details of Atomic Heart: there won't be loading screens anywhere in the game, and DLC will only be considered after launch. We're seeing a few more games hop on this growing trend of ditching loading screens (looking at you, Dead Space remake), and it looks like Mundfish is all-in on the launch period right now.

When it does launch though, Atomic Heart will be available as a day one Xbox Game Pass launch title on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Mundfish's shooter will also be arriving on PS4 and PS5, and last we heard near the beginning of this year, it was targeting a release date at some point during this year.

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