Asura's Wrath getting Street Fighter DLC in Japan

As part of Capcom continuing mission to cram Street Fighter characters into every franchise ever, the studio has revealed two new pieces of Asura's Wrath DLC that will pit the godly warrior against both Ryu and Akuma this May. Fast forward to the 1:10 minute mark for a preview of the crossover wackiness to come:

The DLC, spotted by Sileconera (via 4Gamer) features two Street Fighter familiars. The Ryu episode is slated to arrive first on May 8, with the Akuma fight to follow on May 15. The packs are priced at roughly $2 each (160 Microsoft Points), indicating the actual content will confined to Street Fighter-esque matches and a few new movies.

The first batch of Asura's Wrath, Chapter 11.5, will reportedly be available to download on March 27, and consist of an anime episode made by Studio 4C. The next DLC, Chapter 15.5, will arrive the week after on April 3.

Asura's Wrath is a balls-out beat 'em up action game developed by Capcom and CyberConnect2 (.hack//, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja). Considering it makes very little sense to begin with, the mismatched DLC doesn't seem all that out of place. Read our Asura's Wrath review to understand why, and let us know if you'd like to see this DLC make its way out west.

Update: Ryu and Akuma will indeed be joining Asura out west. Capcom has updated its blog to announce the DLC for North American audiences. The Street Fighter packs will arrive at the same time they hit Japan (May 8 and May 15), and sell for $1.99 (160 MSPs). Capcom also announced that the Chapter 11.5 DLC is available right now, and stated Chapter 15.5 will be ready for western download next week for the same price. Lastly, players will be treated to a four-episode bundle on April 24 for $6.99 (560 MSPs). See? Now everyone's happy.

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