Assassin's Creed is headed to WW2 - at least in comic book form

While the Walmart Canada E3 leak from a couple weeks ago has us preparing for a potential Assassin's Creed announcement at E3 2018, games adaptation specialists Titan Comics have slyly announced its own entry in the massive franchise. Say hello to Assassin's Creed: Conspiracies, a limited run comic mini-series launching August 1.

Conspiracies takes place during WW2, a new setting for the series (if you don't count those weird glitchy moments in Assassin's Creed Unity, and frankly I don't blame you for trying to put that entire game out of your memory). Titan's own synopsis reads, "In the depths of World War 2, fresh Assassin Eddie Gorm uncovers Templar plans to create a devastating new weapon at the dawn of the atomic age."

The mini-series is penned by Guillame Dorison, with art from Jean-Baptise Hostache. Both creators are French, and Conspiracies has actually already been released in their native language. This summer, however, will mark the first time Conspiracies will be available in English. As for Titan, you may recognize it as the publisher behind several other high-profile games-to-comics adaptations, including Wolfenstein and Bloodborne.

Personally, I'm looking forward to this. World War 2 was more than just D-Day, and I'm glad to see one of my favorite video game franchises explore that. It's just too bad that (barring a surprise reveal next month) we don't get to play this concept.

If, like me, that makes you a bit sad and you really want to play an assassin story set during the world's largest war, I recommend checking out The Saboteur or Velvet Assassin. Full disclosure: both are plenty rough around the edges, but they can be fun little detours through a moment in time that all too often is used simply as the backdrop for another FPS.

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Sam Prell

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