ASRock Intel Arc A770 GPU sneaks onto graphics card scene with 16GB VRAM

ASRock Arc A770 GPU with blue Intel backdrop
(Image credit: ASRock)

Another Intel Arc graphics card has stealthily entered the fold, as an ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB GPU is apparently inbound. The new model joins its 8GB sibling, but it’s unknown whether it boasts faster memory speeds in addition to more VRAM. It’s also $30 more than the existing card, but cheaper than the recently discontinued Limited Edition variant by Intel and Acer BiFrost equivalent.

Intel Arc graphics cards are still outnumbered on the best graphics card battlefield, but more vendors are joining the tech giant’s ranks. While the Arc A700 Limited Edition GPU now isn’t a thing, brands like Acer and ASRock are seemingly committed to providing the gaming PC market with Alchemist cards, and things are actually fairly competitive on the pricing front. You only have to look at Newegg to see that both AIB partners are hoping to win you over with price points, and the newest 16GB contender could prompt further discounts.

Spotted by eagle eyed GPU enthusiasts Bionic_Squash, Newegg now lists an ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB card for $329.99. While the card is currently listed as out of stock, and we’re not too sure whether it wields the same 17.5Gbps memory speeds as other 16GB models, the listing says it features the same clock speeds as the 8GB version.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">$329.99 at Newegg

It's currently listed as out of stock, but Newegg's Arc A770 16GB GPU is worth watching out for. We'll need to wait and see whether it boasts faster memory like the other versions out there, but it's a chunk cheaper than similar cards already available.

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Check stock at Newegg

It’s worth noting that as of right now, the new ASRock Arc A770 model is the cheapest 16GB card on Newegg, as the Acer Bifrost version comes in at $399.99. It’s also a whopping $170 cheaper than the new Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, but both aren’t exactly comparable in terms of class (at least on paper). 

We’ve got an Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC review in the works, so we’ll be able to share impressions and benchmarks soon. While Intel’s Alchemist doesn’t quite have the specs to face off against RTX 4000 graphics cards, the lineup is proving to be better value than some previous generation options by AMD and Nvidia, and that could set up next-gen Intel Battlemage GPUs for success. 

Even if Intel does remain firmly in third place for now, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Intel Arc graphics card deals. Alchemist cards may lack the performance oomph of other frontrunners, but in terms of value for money, there’s a case to be made for picking up a blue GPU. 

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