Ash vs. Evil Dead gut-wrangling scene is the most disgusting (and hilarious) thing

We've seen Ash Williams deal with some horrific shit over the years. He's watched as his loved ones were taken over by the Dead, and we've then watched him take them out in increasingly violent ways. The good old-fashioned chainsaw to the face being his go-to mode of Deadite execution. 

But nothing has prepared you for this moment from Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2. This outgrosses all three movies and the first season that preceded it. This scene? It's just H-anus.  


Seriously. Your eyes are not playing horrible, nightmare-inducing tricks on you. That happened. Is this the yuckiest thing to ever be broadcast? Probably. But it's Ash baby! He makes the grotesque amusing with his sharp wit. My favorite lines (alright, alright they're pretty much the only lines) from this scene: 

  • "No no, not the butt!"
  • "Get your dick off my face!"
  • "This town is only big enough for one asshole, and that asshole is me!"

Whatever will next week bring? 

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 is currently airing in the US on Starz and in the UK on Virgin Media. 

Images: Starz 

Gem Seddon

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