As if the year of the JRPG couldn't get better, Bravely Default 2's producer is teasing something new

Bravely Default 2
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2024 has been a cracking year for JRPGs, and it might get a lot better if a new Bravely Default game materializes. 

That's what many are taking away from the tweet just below. In a message published by Bravely Default 2 producer Tomoya Asano on the third anniversary of the JRPG sequel, the series producer hopes to be able to tell fans about new developments in the series at some point later this year. 

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Many fans are taking this as a teaser for either Bravely Default 3, or Bravely Third, both of which would be sequels or follow-ups to the original JRPGs from Square Enix. There's also a lot of hope for PS5 ports of the existing Bravely games however, with many wanting the existing games to come to existing platforms over brand new games. 

Bravely Default 2, for example, was only ever released on the Nintendo Switch, and PC via Windows. Bravely Second: End Layer, meanwhile, which launched back in 2015 in Japan and worldwide a year later in 2016, was entirely confined to the Nintendo 3DS.

There's still a lot of love out there for the Bravely series, in case there was any doubt. If you're yet to get in on the action, Bravely Default 2 is actually half-price on both Windows and Nintendo Switch right now, but for some reason, the discount is only available today, February 26, on the third anniversary of the game. Act fast!

A new Bravely game, or even ports of existing beloved Bravely games, would take the year of the JRPG to new heights. We've already had stellar releases such as Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to start the year, and Granblue Fantasy: Relink after many years of waiting, and things are about to get even better for JRPG fans later this week, when Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches on February 29.

Read up on our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review before the Remake sequel arrives to see why we lavished praise on the new JRPG.

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