Army of Thieves release date announced in micro-teaser

Army of Thieves
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The prequel to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead just scored a fall release date on Netflix, with the filmmaker taking to Twitter to make the announcement in a tiny teaser. "ARMY OF THIEVES globally on Netflix OCTOBER 29," reads the Tweet, Snyder not beating around the bush. 

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Snyder produces the sequel, handing the directorial reins to the film's lead Matthias Schweighöfer this time around. Based on the plot synopsis dropped earlier this year, the zombie-free sequel finds Nathalie Emmanuel's character, a mysterious woman named Gwendoline enlisting Schweighöfer's safe-cracker Ludwig Dieter into a crew of top-shelf criminals wanted by Interpol. Their plan? To break into a series of Europe's most impossible-to-crack safes. 

Certainly makes sense considering Snyder's earlier description of the sequel, as being an "English, French, and German language movie" that "feels international. The flavor of the movie is glimpsed in the first teaser, flashing shots of the continent as we meet the crook crew which includes Stuart Martin as Brad Cage, Ruby O. Fee as Korina, and Guz Khan as Rolph. 

Snyder might not be directing but the slickness of this trailer shows he's still in the mix. Not only does he produce, he co-wrote the script with Army of the Dead scribe Shay Hatten and by the looks of it, he edited this teaser?

This isn't the only time Snyder and co. will turn back the clock on Army world.  The other prequel, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is an anime series delving into the Las Vegas zombies at the onset of the outbreak. Much of the original cast return to voice their characters while new additions to the lineup include Joe Manganiello and Christian Slater.

If follow-ups are more your thing, a straight-up sequel is also on the way. Army of the Dead 2 in the works and, while it's 100% happening, little is known about its story outside of how it will begin. The first film ended with Vanderohe, the only survivor from the original heist, discovering an infected bite right as his plane arrives in Mexico City.

Army of Thieves hits Netflix worldwide on October 29. Until its arrival on the streamer, scope our picks of the best Netflix movies to fill out your watchlist.

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