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Aquaman test footage shows off incredible underwater effects and a possible first-look at Ocean Master

Time waits for no Aquaman, not even for Zack Snyder on his birthday. The director has been spending his 51st birthday hard at work testing the VFX for underwater scenes in Aquaman, with Jason Momoa swimming towards what could be the first look at the movie’s villain, Ocean Master.

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It’s only a 5-second clip but it’s enough to whet (or should that be wet?) the appetite. The detail put into such a short clip really is staggering: just seeing Aquaman’s hair rise and fall in the water is enough to make you cry when thinking about all the man-hours that’s probably gone into getting Jason Momoa’s hair to float just right.

That’s not even taking into account the fact that there’s a seated figure that Aquaman comes face-to-face with. It’s not a stretch to suggest that it’s Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master – the villain of the piece – waiting for Aquaman.

It’d be difficult to do a deep-dive into what exactly this means for the movie going forward in regards to just how many underwater scenes there will be (imagine a submerged superhero scrap!) but, hey, it’s nice of Zack Snyder to give us a gift on his birthday.

Image: DC/Warner Bros.

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