Apex Legends players discover the Olympus rift has its own gravitational pull

Apex Legends
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The phase rift in Apex Legends' Olympus map has its own gravitational pull that can alter the trajectory of bullets.

Reddit user Jakesalm discovered and recorded the gravitational pull in action. Shots that come close enough to the rift will actually veer around it, like a satellite in orbit. It's a cool touch that sells the power and origins of the rift and its place in Olympus history, and more importantly, it's the perfect excuse for your next missed headshot.

Apex Legends has very few hitscan weapons (with zero projectile travel time) and quite a lot of bullet drop compared to most shooters, which makes sniping in particular a very precise science. You have to lead targets vertically and horizontally based on their distance and movement, which can take some getting used to and cause quite a lot of whiffed headshots. Fortunately, we can now blame all those whiffs on the gravitational effects of the phase rift. 

This is bordering on black hole territory, and while I'm no astrophysicist, I know those things can be quite wily. I mean, we can't really know the limits of the phase rift's influence, right? So I don't know about you, but even if I'm not playing on Olympus, from here on, it's going to be the rift's fault I miss anything, whether it's a far-off opponent or the broad side of a barn. 

As we said in our Apex Legends season 9 preview, Respawn is taking the shooter beyond the realms of battle royale with an impressive 3v3 mode. 

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