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Apex Legends now has a tracker board that helps you stay up to date with all the latest patches and bug fixes

Apex Legends
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The developers for Apex Legends have released a public tracker board on Trello, which lets players follow all of the community issues that are being addressed and what updates are in the pipeline in one place. By putting of the information together, it's a great way for players to keep track of all the goings on without having to go on the hunt for updates. 

The about section highlights why the devs decided to put the board together: “our goal with the dev tracker is provide players with more visibility into some of the bigger community issues that we’ve seen reported and working on. Note that this board doesn’t account for ALL the things we’re tracking.” 

The tracker is divided into sections that make it easy to find what you’re looking for, with columns for the latest news, quality of life features, general bugs, UI, networking, patches and updates, and useful links. The devs say the tracker will be updated once a week and that a link to the board will be included in any dev updates in future. With a game like Apex Legends and other live service games that are constantly being tweaked and updated, the Trello board is such a neat and easy way of staying on top of what’s being addressed and fixed. 

Apex Legends is getting a big update soon, complete with a bunch of quality of life improvements like auto sprint for consoles. But, more importantly, the Apex Legends solo event is happening right now, and if you want to get involved you'll need to be quick as it's only running until August 27. 

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