Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event: Challenges, start and end date, rewards, elite hunt explained

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event - Master of the Hunt Bloodhound skin

The Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event kicked off a couple of days ago and it's introduced a bunch of challenges with some exclusive legendary skin rewards. We're still awaiting the finer details of Apex Legends Season 2 which are likely to drop during E3 2019, but to prepare players for the upcoming Apex Legends challenges during season two, the Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event challenges have begun. Read on for everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event and all of the challenges within.

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event challenges

When you boot up Apex Legends, you'll be able to see the Legendary Hunt challenges on the right-hand side of the lobby. There's four displayed, along with two hidden challenges for players with the premium Apex Legends Season One battle pass:

  • Get 1 top 5 finish in any queue (Legendary Hunt banner badge)
  • Get 5 top 5 finishes in any queue (Master of the Hunt Epic Bloodhound skin)
  • Win 2 games (Tamed Beast Legendary Triple Take skin)
  • Get 1 top 5 in Apex Elite (The Wolfpack Rare G7 Scout skin)
  • Reach Battle Pass Premium Level 1 (Honored Prey Legendary R-301 skin)
  • Reach Battle Pass Premium Level 15 (Night Terror Legendary Wraith skin)

There's nothing quite as extravagant as some of the Fortnite Battle Pass challenges in season nine here, but that's not to say they'll be easy to complete. But what is "Apex Elite"?

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Apex Elite

Apex Elite is a new addition to the game, reserved for the best of the best. Players can only play in the Apex Elite queue if they've placed in the top five in their last match. To continue playing in the Apex Elite queue, players need to keep placing in the top five. If you don't finish in the top five, you're dropped back down to the standard queue. So in order to complete the challenge for The Wolfpack G7 Scout skin, you need to essentially place in the top five twice in a row.

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event end times

The Apex Legends Legendary Hunt is already underway, and it will finish on Tuesday, 18th June. If it finishes at the same time it was meant to start (technical delays meant it didn't kick off until a few hours later), it will end at 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm BST. So there's still more than enough time to grind out some wins and unlock all of the sweet loot in the run up to season two.

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event bonuses

Alongside the challenges and rewards, there's a couple of other bonuses worth mentioning. Once a day, whenever you place in the top five, you'll earn an entire battle pass tier which is wonderful for those still struggling to complete the battle pass this season.

There's also going to be a double XP weekend from 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm BST on Friday, June 7 till the same time on Monday, June 10. Finally, there's some "event exclusive" legendary skins coming to the store, which means they "may be back, but no one can say when."

You can read more about the event in the official Apex Legends Legendary Hunt news post or in the meantime, why not watch our video about how to win with Pathfinder?

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