Anthem's 4K gameplay trailer shows off new enemies, terrain, and a shiny Javelin suit

If you're going to defend humanity from hordes of hostile creatures and renegade robots, why not do it in gold-plated style? To kick off its showing at this week's CES 2019 convention in Las Vegas, Nvidia showed off some exclusive footage from the upcoming Anthem game, BioWare and EA's third-person Destiny-like full of open-world shooting and looting. While it's chock full of beautiful-but-boring environment shots full of foliage and god rays, the trailer also showcases plenty of action. You can watch it above (in 4K, for the full effect), but the main attraction is the spiffy new Javelin skin for the nimble Interceptor class.

You can get a glimpse of the suit near the tail end of the short trailer - first with a straight-on shot of the white-and-gold exoskeleton, then some high-flying stunts featuring the Interceptor's insect-like wings and signature super-barrel-roll maneuver. It's definitely got a distinct look compared to the standard Interceptor Javelins we've seen before, and brings Warframe's ornate suits to mind. Crucially, it's important to remember that while you can buy new Anthem costumes via microtransactions, everything you purchase is purely cosmetic, and can also be earned via pure gameplay.

If you need a refresher on what Anthem's all about, you play as a Freelancer clad in a souped-up Javelin mech suit, protecting the people of Fort Tarsis from the wild creatures that would do them harm. Nvidia's trailer shows off some of the gorgeous ruins and strange technological structures you'll encounter in your travels, as well as some of the aforementioned threats: a lunging, ape-like alien, a robot that fires missile salvos, and a modified creature with a personal force field and rocket launchers mounted on its shoulders.

Keep in mind that all this gameplay was clearly recorded on a supremely high-end PC, so don't expect the graphics to look identical on consoles. That said, you can see how Anthem runs on your PS4, Xbox One, or PC in the early Anthem demo beta tests before the game launches in full on February 22.

For more alternate Javelin looks, check out this Mass Effect crossover armor in Anthem. 

Lucas Sullivan

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