Anthem demo open weekend is coming up, here's how to play

The Anthem demo is coming back for all would-be Javelin pilots this Friday, February 1. Players across PC, PS4, and Xbox One can participate with no need to sign up or pre-order ahead of time, and EA is offering its assurances that things will go much more smoothly than in Anthem's rocky VIP-only demo period last weekend.

You'll be able to play through Sunday, February 3, and EA says it has something special planned for the end that will give you a glimpse at what lies ahead for Anthem. Here's how to get your system ready for the Anthem demo.

On console, simply find the Anthem demo on the PlayStation Store (26 GB) or Xbox Store (23 GB) and download it onto your system manually. If you played in the VIP demo last weekend, make sure you're using the same account and your progress will carry over.

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For PC owners, you'll need to install EA's game management app Origin onto your system, boot it up and search for Anthem's Store Page, then download the demo there.

Progress from these early previews will not carry over to the final game. Still, the Anthem demos will give you the chance to play a good cross-section of content. You’ll be able to sample a variety of mission types in two of the Javelin suits; you’ll have an opportunity to explore a part of the open-world, begin to investigate RPG-hub Fort Tarsis and even take on one of the strongholds – should you and your friends reach the necessary level to take on Anthem’s super tough dungeons. 

Anthem is a big departure from the single-player RPGs that BioWare is famous for creating, so the public demo really is a fantastic opportunity to sample the game for yourself ahead of its launch on the 22 February, 2019.

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