Aniston joins Wanderlust and Horrible Bosses

Having gained modest success with her latest cinematic romp ( The Bounty Hunter, we’re not sure why), Jennifer Aniston is sticking to what she knows with plans to star in two more comedies.

What’s surprising is the talent she’s signing on to work with. Last week it was reported that Role Models writers David Wain and Ken Marino were working on a script entitled Wanderlust , which Judd Apatow is producing.

Now word comes that Aniston is set to star opposite long-time friend Paul Rudd (they worked together on Friends ) in the flick. They will play a couple who take refuge at a commune after losing all of their money.

David Wain is set to direct, and the plan is to shoot in September.

Meanwhile, Aniston is also rumoured to be appearing in Horrible Bosses , which just yesterday gained Colin Farrell. The comedy is about best friends who decide to kill each others’ bosses.

So, even though Aniston’s big screen career has never reached the golden heights of her TV work, she’s definitely lining up the right people to work with - Apatow and Rudd are both celebrated comedy people, while the concept of Bosses has already given us evil ideas...

Source: [ Variety (opens in new tab) ]

Is Aniston 'aving a laugh? Would you rather see her back on TV?

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