Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC makes Flick and CJ monogamous "roommates"

Animal Crossing New Horizons
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The Animal Crossing community has long suspected Flick and CJ are more than just "roommates" - as Nintendo describes their relationship - and New Horizons' Happy Home Paradise DLC further makes the case for fans who insist they're the game's first gay couple.

For some context, the bug-collecting chameleon Flick and fishing enthusiast CJ are new male characters introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who commonly refer to each other as "partners," which lead players to speculate about a potential romance between the two. But in the game's official guide, Nintendo refers to them simply as "roommates and business partners," which is unsurprising but also sort-of a bummer.

Now, as Twitter user Jackdaw noticed, we have perhaps our best evidence yet that Flick and CJ are more than just friends, despite Nintendo's official canon. The game's new Happy Home Paradise DLC lets you build up dream vacation homes for your villagers, and once you've made enough progress, you can start designating pairs of villagers as "roommates" living together in the homes you've created. Amazingly, Flick and CJ are the only exception - if you build a home for either of them, the other will automatically join them as their roommate.

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As spotted by Kotaku, there are also some subtle dialogue clues that there's more to Flick and CJ than Nintendo purports. For example, CJ will occasionally offer relationship advice, and he sounds rather experienced for a single guy. Flick's father Nat also expresses his support for his son and CJ's relationship, and it doesn't sound like he's referring to their business partnership.

Of course, it still isn't Nintendo confirming a romance between Flick and CJ, but it's probably as close as we're getting for now. Just look at their adorable little home, which you'll notice only has one bed...

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