Animal Crossing: New Horizons March additions for bugs, fish, and items revealed

Animal Crossing
(Image credit: Nintendo)

We now know what will be coming to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands later this month in March, thanks to a new update from Nintendo.

Below, you can see a forecast for all the new content due to hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons at some point this month in March. There's a load of new stuff to do and build on your island throughout the month, including new fish like tadpoles to catch, returning creatures like the Orchid Mantis to catch, and much more.

There's already some of the content featured in the video above that's already live in New Horizons. For example, the Super Mario crossover content, featuring new outfits, warp pipes, and more, is already live in New Horizons, as it was available from earlier this month on March 1.

If any of the content in the video just above looks familiar to you, that's because this is the first monthly content deluge that's technically already been available in New Horizons. The bamboo noodle slide, for example, was available to construct using bamboo back when New Horizons first launched in March 2020, but the availability of the building recipe was taken out of the game shortly after.

As we're coming back round on a year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons first launched, you can expect to see some returning content for the months that we've already experienced. Previously, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser revealed that we could expect a similar caliber of updates in 2021 than we saw last year in 2020, so we can definitely see some returning content this year.

For a complete list of all the new Mario items you can now get for your own island in Nintendo's smash-hit game, head over to our guide on all the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Mario items.

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