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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ latest limited-time item is a large block of double Gloucester cheese

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheese Rolling event item
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons limited-time event includes a large block of double Gloucester cheese. 

The ‘Cheese Rolling event’ isn’t a traditional Animal Crossing: New Horizons event, such as Festivale or Bunny Day, but it does allow players to pick up a seasonally themed item. From May 22 - May 31 players will be able to purchase a large block of double Gloucester cheese from the Nook Stop for 1200 bells.  

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This event was inspired by the 'Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake' event which is held annually in Gloucester, England, and sees several participants race down a 200-yard-long hill whilst chasing a round of Double Gloucester cheese. Unfortunately for Animal Crossing players, this block of cheese can only be displayed and not rolled down your island’s inclines. Trust us, we’ve tried. 

The Cheese Rolling event is currently running alongside the Mother’s Day (US date) event. That is offering players limited-time items such as the Thank You Mom mug and a pot of planted Carnations, both of which can be displayed inside and outside of player’s homes. 

Other island happenings throughout the last week of May also include International Museum Day which continues to run until May 31. Participants of this event get to show appreciation for Blathers and his museum as they explore the museum’s exhibits, stamping a checklist as they go. In return, Blathers will reward players with four museum-themed plaques which are now worth 2500 bells each. 

As for the future of the game, players have several upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons events to look forward to, including Wedding Season next month and several Animal Crossing: New Horizons firework displays throughout the month of August. 

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