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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are rediscovering a clever way to prevent a wasp attack

Animal Crossing: New Horizons wasp party popper
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are continuing to use clever tricks to ward off hordes of angry wasps. 

In a clip shared to Reddit (opens in new tab), one islander uses the classic a party popper move to scare off a potentially dangerous wasp attack. This is just one of many hidden tricks in the game which can spare players from receiving a series of painful stings. 

Wasps can be some of the most difficult Animal Crossing: New Horizons bugs to deal with, but players have found various ways to cope. This includes using the ‘Feelin' It’ reaction to delay a wasp attack, whilst others have utilized the Super Mario Warp Pipe to simply warp away from the wasps. You could also just leave the trees alone but you’ll be missing out on the odd 100 bells, crafting items, and sometimes a piece of rogue furniture.

Are these methods more practical than catching the wasps with a net, or just running and hiding inside your nearest neighbor's house? No, but it makes so much more of a statement.

The trick is making sure you have your party popper equipped, or placed in your tool wheel for easy access before you go to shake the tree. Also make sure that you don't accidentally hit "A" before you're close enough to the tree to shake it, or else you'll prematurely pop your popper. Then you'll be in a real sorry state of affairs when the nest drops and you're standing there with absolutely no party favors to defend yourself, like a chump.

To get your hands on a party popper, head to Nook's Cranny and ask to look inside the cabinet located next to the till. Fortunately, they only cost 100 bells apiece and can be bought in packs of five, so it's reasonable to always have a few on hand for unexpected celebrations or for warding off winged death.

Discover more tricks to use in your island life with our Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips.

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