Animal Crossing: New Horizons could add Brewster's cafe to the museum

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons could get a cafe update to keep all your island residents nice and caffeinated.

Word of the potential addition arrived the same way as news of an art wing coming to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum: loose-lipped villagers talking about it before they were supposed to. This time we can thank Clay, the lazy hamster with a face like an ancient Japanese clay figurine. Here's video evidence from Twitter user @sliceofcy

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"I'm still wide awake!" Clay says. "I guess Brewster was right! 17 cups of coffee is 3 too many!"

Brewster is a pigeon who has been serving up piping hot coffee at his cafe, The Roost, ever since Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS. Clay's errant line of dialogue isn't the only piece of evidence for Brewster coming to town in New Horizons, either. Dataminers spotted a line in the game's pre-load files that referred to "MuseumCafe" even before New Horizons came out.

The Roost originally appeared in the basement of the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World and returned as a freestanding structure in following games, though it doesn't appear to be part of New Horizon at the moment. It makes sense that The Roost would return to the museum, as careful island planners may be flabbergasted by having to fit a new building into their infrastructure. There's plenty of room in the museum's upstairs for a cafe and an art wing and maybe even more - it's suspiciously empty right now.

Nintendo has pledged to keep adding more content to Animal Crossing: New Horizons via online updates. As long as absentminded villagers keep blabbing about what the new stuff is gonna be, we'll keep you informed.

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