Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have an in-game leak pointing to a museum art wing

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum is beautiful, but it's missing an art section. If some gossip from an in-game animal neighbor is to be believed, that could change soon.

Twitter user @sylvidia shared a video of their villager engaged in conversation with Fang, the cranky wolf with the bedroom eyes and much love for holiday sweaters. Their dialogue seems to directly reference something that isn't in the game yet.

"Can't say I know much about art… But I like that there's some in the museum here for me to gawk at," Fang says. "I just kinda stand there for a bit starin' at each piece, tryin' to look real thoughtful-like, cha-chomp."

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If you've taken even a cursory tour of your island's museum, you know Fang is speaking nonsense. There's a fish wing, a fossil wing, and a bug wing, and that's it. However, all previous Animal Crossing museums have had art sections, and it's taken some players by surprise that they can't buy art pieces to donate to Blathers or proudly display in their own homes.

Either Fang is betraying the fact that, not only does he not know much about art, he's never even gone to the museum, or this particular piece of dialogue was supposed to surface once the museum gets an art section. Or some localizer made a mistake and brought some dialogue over from a previous Animal Crossing, but a lot would have to go wrong to make that happen.

Adding art collections to Animal Crossing: New Horizons would make for a lovely update, especially since that top floor of the museum is suspiciously empty right now. It could also mean the return of Redd, the visiting fox merchant who is always happy to sell you priceless art (or a convincing counterfeit).

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