Angry Birds reaches a blistering 10 million paid downloads

Despite the fact that Angry Birds is free on Android and Nokia's Ovi Store, iPhone gamers continue to pay the full 99-cent price for the casual gaming hit on the platform it was originally intended for. The App Store has just officiated Angry Birds as reaching more than 10 million purchases.

When it comes to iPhone games, no other title even comes close. The list of million sellers is already extremely tight, but Angry Birds is the first to cross the eight-figure threshold.

Total downloads of the game across all platforms now reach more than 30 million, or enough for one out of every 10 people in America.

Add all of that up, and this year's Christmas bonuses are going to be pretty nice for Rovio employees.

As for what's next on the plate for these colorful ill-mannered birds, we haven't received any news. Rovio has mentioned wanting to make an Angry Birds movie. Something more immediate, though, might be a push to more traditional gaming platforms like the DS or consoles.

Angry Bird's publisher Chillingo was bought out by mega giant publisher EA so it's likely that new relationship will bear fruit for Rovio. The developer has stated, though, that it wants to remain a tight-knit group so EA would have limited creative involvement if it were to help bring the game to other platforms.


Nov 4, 2010