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Anchorman 2 teaser to run before The Dictator?

Anchorman 2 is finally happening, but as yet, we've not been treated to anything in the way of promotional material. That might be about to change however, with director Adam McKay hinting at the existence of an early teaser…

McKay took to Twitter to big up the release of Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator , in which he had a hand, before setting tongues wagging with the promise of a pre-film "treat".

"See 'The Dictator' (I worked on it and it's crazy funny)," said McKay. "In addition to 'Campaign' trailer with Zach [ Galifianakis ] and Will [ Ferrell ] there's another treat before it."

McKay's tweet has been backed up by a number of American moviegoers, who have claimed to have seen an Anchorman 2 teaser before advanced screenings of The Dictator . The brief clip is said to feature the Channel 4 News team playing up their excitement at a potential return, with the year 2013 flagged up for a potential release date.

It's exciting to hear that things are moving forward with this one, with the idea of a sequel having been batted around for so many years. You can check out the new teaser yourself, when The Dictator opens in the UK on Wednesday.

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