Amy Adams considers Leap Year

Enchanted’s Amy Adams is in negotiations to join the high concept romantic comedy Leap Year.

It’s your basic tale of an uptight, ultra-focused young woman who decides to travel to Dublin so that she can proposed to her boyfriend on “leap day”, or 29th February.

Tradition has it that women propose to their blokes on the day and the man has to say yes. But this being a romantic comedy, things don’t quite go to plan and when weather curtails her travels, she has to make a mad cross-country trip to propose in time.

Made Of Honour’s writers

Oh, and there’s the small matter of the ‘surly’ Irish innkeeper who accompanies her on her quest. We’re guessing the flames of love might ignite.

The Hollywood Reporter
says that Harry Elfont and Deb Kaplan, who last wrote Made Of Honour, have penned the script, which is apparently similar in tone to It Happened One Night.

Sadly we fear it might not quite turn out to be in the same classic league as Night, even with the likeable Adams in the lead. There are far too many disposable, bog-standard rom coms out there, and something must be done.

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