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Amazon Prime members can get Echo Show 5 for just $45 ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Echo Show 5 deals prices
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The Amazon Prime Day deals are just around the corner (October 13 and 14, in case you were wondering) but that hasn't stopped the company from offering Prime customers some exclusive, pre-event deals. Case in point: the Echo Show 5 smart display is just $45 (usually $89.99) for Prime members right now. Not a Prime member? Get a free trial (opens in new tab).

Let's recap: the Echo Show is part of Amazon's Alexa-powered range of smart home devices, this time with a 5.5-inch smart display, webcam (and mic), and loads of cool apps and services for whatever the occasion brings. Need to control your lights? Done. Need a recipe? Easy. Calling your parents while cooking? It's never been so simple.

Basically, the Echo Show 5 is the smart device that blends into the background except when it's needed, acting as a clock or smart picture frame until you ask Alexa for something or tap the touchscreen. On top of that, privacy is built right in: there's a camera shutter and dedicated button to switch the mic off. 

Alexa, the smart assistant, sits at the heart of Amazon's Echo Show, with the ability to perform innumerable tasks, from playing the radio (or Spotify or Bloomberg) to opening Headspace for a mediation sessions, ordering new items from Amazon, controlling smart home tech, setting reminders, and more. We could go on but we won't.

Pre-Prime Day Echo Show 5 deal

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Amazon Echo Show 5 | 5.5-inch display | Charcoal or Sandstone | Alexa | $89.99 $44.99 for Prime members from Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you're looking to step up your smart home game, this is a great place to start, or even continue: a lovely touchscreen display powered by Alexa that can act as something as simple as a clock but with so much more besides. 

As Prime Day deals approach, don't miss out on the offers Amazon is running beforehand, available exclusively to members. In this case, you're saving half of the cost of the Echo Show so don't miss out.

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