The world of curved Samsung gaming monitors is cheaper than may expect today

Samsung Odyssey G9
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Amazon is currently hosting a '7 Days of Samsung' sale which features some deep discounts on stellar gaming monitors for a limited time. 

If you've been in the market for some of the best curved gaming monitors for less, then you're likely to be very happy with the current discounts on flagship Samsung gaming panels in the 7 Days of Samsung sale, including the Odyssey G9 and Odyssey G5, which make the most of their respective 21:9 ultrawide format and high refresh rates for an encompassing, silky smooth feel. 

For some PC gamers, especially now at a time where the best graphics cards are harder than ever to come by, a higher refresh rate can trounce a higher resolution, as 240Hz Full HD gaming monitors, such as the Samsung CRG5, can offer a stellar picture alongside performance, instead of having to choose between the two.

The CRG5 is especially impressive when factoring the current going rate for some Esports-centric displays can easily triple the going price of it, too, especially now it's on offer, be able to stand among some of the best cheap gaming monitors.

If you have the money for it, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is likely to be the ultimate gaming monitor, which is made even more impactful by its 240Hz refresh rate and super ultrawide aspect ratio for an encompassing feel in QHD. 

It's worth reiterating that these curved gaming monitor deals aren't that likely to hang around for long, as every day will see a different round of Samsung tech products being discounted, so act fast if you see something you like the look of! 

The best cheap curved gaming monitor deals 

US Deals

Samsung Odyssey G9 | $1,600$1,499.99 at SamsungSave $100.

Samsung Odyssey G9 | $1,600 $1,499.99 at Samsung
Save $100. It's likely to be the only gaming monitor that you will ever need, but still with a steep price of admission. The Odyssey G9 combines both performance and picture quality, utilizing QLED technology and HDR 1000, coupled with the 240 refresh rate, games will run just as spectacularly as they look. 

Samsung CJ890 Curved | $1,201 $999.99 at AmazonSave $201.

Samsung CJ890 Curved | $1,201 $999.99 at Amazon
Save $201. With its 32:9 super ultrawide format and 144Hz refresh rate in QHD (1440p), there's little debate that the CJ890 can easily rival some of the more traditional gaming monitors on the market in specs, but excel in its own right as a multi-monitor alternative, too. 

Samsung A650 Curved | $700 $649.99 at Best Buy Save $50.

Samsung A650 Curved | $700 $649.99 at Best Buy
Save $50. With its 100Hz refresh rate and FreeSync support, you're sure to have a smooth gaming experience in QHD, even if it ever-so-slightly misses out on 120 FPS. HDR is really the main sell here, though, ensuring that your games look as vibrant as possible. 

Samsung UR59 Curved | $500 $436.99 at AmazonSave $63.

Samsung UR59 Curved | $500 $436.99 at Amazon
Save $63. The UR59 may be capped at 60Hz, but that doesn't mean you can't have a stellar gaming experience with it, especially as 4K60 tends to be the sweet spot for the new consoles and many PC gamers alike. Plus, the IPS panel ensures all you do on it will look exceptional. 

UK Deals


Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved | £1,280 £1,099 at Amazon
Save £181. It's one of the lowest prices that's ever been recorded for the G9 curved gaming monitor and, while still quite expensive, there's very little that can rival the encompassing feel afforded by its ultrawide format and outstanding 240Hz refresh rate in QHD (1440p). 


Samsung Odyssey G5 Curved | £500 £397.97 at Amazon
Save £102. For the price point, the G5 is an outstanding mid-range curved ultrawide gaming monitor, especially with its 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate in QHD (1440p). If you've been after the perfect panel for less this year, this could be the sweet spot for you.


Samsung CRG5 Curved | £300 £229 at Amazon
Save £71. Given the current discount on the CRG5 curved gaming monitor, it becomes an even more tempting proposition for those PC gamers aiming for high frame rates in Full HD. That's made possible by its blisteringly fast 240Hz refresh rate which, given its form factor and affordable price, is one of the best ultra-fast panels that we've seen, especially for the current asking price.

Take a look at even more of today's best curved monitor deals.

Not seen anything that piques your interest? Then we would suggest waiting to see what's available in the Black Friday gaming monitor deals instead, or checking out the best 4K monitors for gaming for some alternative picks right now. 

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