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Amazon and Target will not fulfill orders for $40 PS3

Last night, money-conscious shoppers thought they found the bargain of a lifetime when mistakenly changed the price of a PS3 console from $399.99 to $39.99, but even those who were lucky enough to find the error won't be getting the deal after all.

The price will not be honored by, nor, which cross-posts many of the items available for sale on Target's site.

Above: Our own Chris Antista gave it a shot - why not? - and received this e-mail. Sad puppy added for effect

It took several hours for the online retailer to catch the mistake and fix it, and who knows how many people put in orders for the deal of a lifetime?

GR editor Chris Antista tried his luck, but received an e-mail from Amazon reading, in part,"We are sorry, but we are unable to offer you either of these items at this time and have canceled your order. Your credit card was not charged."

Target and Amazon, like every single online retailer, have fine print that allows them to cancel any order or refuse to honor a price if it was posted in error. And certainly no one would believe that this secret, unpublished 90% off deal was supposed to be legitimate.Eh, there's no harm in trying.

But if you're still interested, Amazon is all too happy to suggest that you buy your PS3 along with another controller and a Bluetooth remote control for $363.80... at no bundle discount whatsoever.

Jan 18, 2011

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