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Spider-Man's sister Teresa Parker returns in Amazing Spider-Man #67 preview

Amazing Spider-Man #67
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Teresa Parker is back - and she's quite a bit more cutthroat than her big brother, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In June 2's Amazing Spider-Man #67 (opens in new tab), Peter Parker's little sister - you know, the rogue SHIELD agent - returns to break the villain Chameleon out of prison.

Here's a preview of Amazing Spider-Man #67:

Amazing Spider-Man #67 is the first part in the 'Chameleon Conspiracy' storyline, where the Chameleon will be "making the biggest play of his supervillain career" according to Marvel. That all starts, apparently, with Teresa Parker breaking him out of prison - the same prison she put him in a few years prior.

Although she's shown here helping the Chameleon, the publisher has stated that the arc will end up with Teresa teaming up with her brother Spider-Man to put a stop to the Chameleon's plans. But spoilers, he won't be alone - as he'll be teaming up with Jack O'Lantern, the Foreigner, and Chance.

Here's a look at Amazing Spider-Man #67's primary cover by Mark Bagley, and a 'Sinister Villains of Spider-Man' variant from Javier Garron:

'Chameleon Conspiracy' comes immediately following the 'King's Ransom' storyline, where Peter's friend Boomerang betrayed him to the Kingpin, in a sequence of events that led to the surprise resurrection of Wilson Fisk's son, the Rose. 

For those that hate waiting for the next issue, 'Clone Conspiracy' is built for a quick read - the storyline will come out weekly, with Amazing Spider-Man #67, Amazing Spider-Man #68 (opens in new tab), and Amazing Spider-Man #69 (opens in new tab), then the finale in Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy #1 (opens in new tab).

Keep track of this and all the new Spider-Man comics coming out soon. 

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