Alligator Loki crawls his way to print in a new Marvel one-shot

Alligator Loki looking smug.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The breakout star of Disney+'s Loki TV show, is snapping and chomping his way to print. We are, of course, talking about Alligator Loki, the reptilian variant of the Asgardian God of Mischief. Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Bob Quinn have been chronicling his adventures in the digital Infinity Comics series since March 2022. Now Marvel is collecting the series and adding a brand new adventure in September's Alligator Loki #1.

Marvel said of the one-shot: "Bow down to the reptile in a helm who has enraptured the Ten Realms…with his cuteness! First Alligator Loki chomped down on Mjolnir, and then he chomped his way into our hearts. Now, the beloved Alligator of Mischief finds - and makes - trouble all across the Marvel Universe!"

Check out Bob Quinn's cover for the issue below.

Alligator Loki with swords pointed at him.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The light-hearted, all-ages comic follows Alligator Loki as he gets into various scrapes alongside an extended cast of characters, including Thor, various Avengers, and numerous other Marvel heroes and villains. 

"Alligator Loki's been living in my head rent-free for the past year," said Alyssa Wong. "It's been a ton of fun working with Bob Quinn, Pete Pantazis, and Kat Gregorowicz to bring him to life in the Infinity comic. I'm thrilled that this little guy's shenanigans are coming to print!"

No word as yet on if Alligator Loki will feature in season two of the TV show when it returns this October, but you have to imagine he will be, if only to keep the memes going.

Alligator Loki #1 is published by Marvel Comics on September 13.

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