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Alita: Battle Angel star Christoph Waltz is "disappointed and surprised" there has been no sequel

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Alita: Battle Angel (opens in new tab) may not have been the monstrous box-office success the studio, Fox, was hoping for, but fans continue to pray that a sequel will one day arrive. Director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron have both stated that – should the first movie make enough money – a second movie is in the pipeline. And although Battle Angel made $404.9 million on a $170 million budget, the green-light has still not been given.

Christoph Waltz, who played Alita's father Dr. Dyson Ido in the movie, has expressed that he's both "disappointed and surprised" that a sequel has not yet been announced. Asked whether he would return for Alita 2, Waltz told Collider: “Of course! Of course, I would! But, you know, I’m as wise as you are. I haven’t heard anything and I’m a little disappointed and surprised that I haven’t heard a thing so far, because I know that it has followers. 

"I know that people liked it and aside from what others said, I loved it and I liked working on it and I liked the result. You know, it was Fox and Fox doesn’t exist anymore. Now it’s Disney. Maybe it doesn’t fit into the Disneyfication, but I have no clue. I have no clue. Maybe they’re working on something and I wouldn’t be the first person to hear, but meanwhile, I haven’t heard anything.”

We previously spoke to Edward Norton about his cameo in Alita: Battle Angel (opens in new tab) – an appearance that heavily hinted at a sequel already being in mind. While the actor did not discuss whether there were ongoing conversations about a second movie, there's been no hint from anyone that Disney is considering making another Alita. Fingers crossed, one day, we'll have better news.

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