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Alien: Isolation Archive logs location guide

Mission 4 - Seegson Communications 

023 Door Override024 Our Manifesto025 Tomorrow, Together #1026 Please Understand

Seegson Communications Monitoring Rooms: After picking up the Motion Tracker, the terminal behind you will power up - access it for these four logs.

029 Your Logged Message030 Apollo’s Eye

Seegson Communications Observation Deck: After emerging from the vents and being told to Gain Access To The Elevator, enter the doorway by the body and access the terminal on your right.

031 Torrens Hail032 Torrens Damage033 Re: Torrens Hail

Seegson Communications Central Communications: Once you take the lift up to Central Communications, go through the door on the left and up the stairs, then turn right at the top and enter the room to hack the terminal.

034 Receipt of Transmission

Seegson Communications Central Communications: After climbing through the vent at the end of the southern corridor, access the terminal in front of you.

027 Call Log AM028 Call Log PM

Seegson Communications Monitoring Rooms: When you return to the Monitoring Rooms, head through the room filled with computers on the right of the corridor to find this terminal in the attached room.

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