Alias 5.14 I See Dead People review

The One Where... Anna pretends she is Sydney.

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AIR-DATE: 10/05/06

Written by: Andi Bushell & JR Orci

Director: Jamie Babbit

Starring: Mía Maestro, Michael Vartan , David Anders

Rating: 3/5

Renee gets an autopsy that reveals one half of a microchip implanted in her body that holds all the information about Vaughn’s true identity. Syd makes plans to rendez vous with Vaughn in Nepal, but at the airport, Anna with Sydney’s face intercepts the information and heads out to Nepal to get to Vaughn first. Pretending to be Syd, she finds him and together they figure out the other half of the chip is inside him and they extract it. The connected chips reveal a bunker in Germany and the pair flies there. Meanwhile, the real Sydney has lived through an assassination attempt and is now hot on the heels of the pair.

Once in Germany, Vaughn andnot-so-Sydney find all the intel acquired about Prophet 5 by Michael and Renee’s father. In a nifty twist, Vaughn then tells Anna he knows she’s not the real Sydney and they battle it out. It’s looking grim until the real Sydney arrives and pops a cap in her doppelgänger’s head. Meanwhile, Sloane is being haunted by his conscience in the form of Nadia’s ghost. He assures Peyton he is dedicated to the cause and unbeknownst to her, summons Julian Sark.

Vaughn is back in the mix – sweet! However, the reunion of he and Syd is a bit anticlimactic considering it’s not really her for two-thirds of the episode. Plus, the Anna face change arc is a letdown as she’s killed off by the end of the episode. Seems a waste.

Anna: “In this business, it’s always the children who suffer.”

Marie Bennett

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