Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is the next game from the creators of Monument Valley

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, the latest from British indie studio Ustwo Games, has been unveiled at today's Day of the Devs showcase on Summer Game Fest

You can watch the first teaser trailer for the positively charming indie below, which Ustwo, who also created Assemble with Care and the Monument Valley series, describes this as a "deeply personal story [...] inspired by the team's own fond memories of childhood summers in the Mediterranean."

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While the studio is holding off on revealing any gameplay at the moment, it looks like Alba: A Wildlife Adventure will revolve around cleaning up a Mediterranean island as a young girl who has started her own wildlife league. 

This chimes with the brief synopsis provided by Ustwo, which calls the project "a game about how together, we can make a difference", suggesting a strong focus on conservation and environmentalism. 

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is coming to iOS (presumably via Apple Arcade), Apple TV, PC and console "soon", though a specific release date and platform information is yet to be announced. 

We'll be sure to keep you updated here on GamesRadar+ as soon as we learn anything more about what is sure to be another charming Ustwo adventure. 

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