Age of Empires 2 Doom mod brings the hordes of hell to the strategy game

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An Age of Empires 2 Doom mod has surfaced online, bringing dozens of demons to the cult strategy game. 

Just below, you can check out a complete gameplay video from an Age of Empires 2 custom campaign simply called Doom (thanks, PC Gamer). To clear up any confusion, this is actually an Age of Empires 2 mod, that brings to life the enemies, weapons, and protagonist from id Software's classic hellish shooter for a very strange real-time strategy result.

Simply put, it's an Age of Empires 2 map with the Doomslayer marching down a corridor, gunning down demonic foes as he goes. If you're interested in giving this mod a spin for yourself, you can head over to the ModDB page for the Doom custom campaign. 

It's not just the characters that have come across from Doom in this Age of Empires 2 mod. The Doomslayer can use a tactical spring ability, as well as interacting with switches, elevators, and teleportation devices. There's also the classic Doom shotgun to wield against the hordes of hell, in addition to the double-barrelled shotgun, rocket-barrelled shotgun, and even the monumental BFG.

There are two episodes to play through here as the Doomslayer. Episode one sees the player uncovering how and why demons destroyed an ancient human civilization on Mars, while episode two follows a story similar to id's 2016 reboot, as demons invade UAC bases scattered all across the surface of Mars. According to the ModDB page for this creation, it was put together by just four people and looks like a treat if you want to really mix up Age of Empires 2's classic RTS formula.

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