Age of Conan - Tortage Island guide

4) The Stone Quarry

Just outside the city, the stone quarry is infested by shady characters who tend to reappear quickly, even after you've beaten them down, as well as a demon living among the broken rocks. Turach, a local working on a nearby dam to keep lava from reaching the city, is pretty handy with a sledgehammer, should you, ahem, require something to be broken.

5) Tortage Underhalls

This complex system of underground passageways houses Red Hand guards and imprisoned Tortage citizens. Many 1–20 quests will take you to the Underhalls, so be aware - they're labyrinths your minimap won't help you navigate, with multiple doors throughout Tortage (including one in the Thirsty Dog Inn).

6) Tortage Harbor

Strom and his minions have the harbor in a tight grip - they keep a close watch on anyone entering or leaving the area. The lighthouse is used to quarantine some immigrants, and various warehouses play home to nefarious goings-on. During nighttime missions, keep an eye out for ladders that will take you to areas you wouldn't otherwise have access to.