Age of Conan - Tortage Island guide

Tortage Island is "the jewel of the Barachan Isles," but it's a gem with some sharp edges. You'll spend all of Age of Conan's first 20 levels in, around, and in some cases under the island's many and varied environments, all of which are populated by flora, fauna, and folks who'd like to see you six feet under. As in any MMO, travel time is also a factor - expect to do a fair bit of running between points - so the better you know your surroundings, the easier it'll be to navigate your way to friends and away from foes.

This map describes Tortage's main districts, all of which you'll travel to or through at least once during the game's first 20 levels. Don't forget to stop and check out the scenery once in a while - Tortage may not be the friendliest place, but it's certainly among the prettiest we've seen in a long time.

1) Tortage Beach

Sun, sex, death - the blue waters and golden sands of Tortage Beach may look like a tropical paradise, but the savage Picts and the ruthless pirates living in the area will snap you out of that fantasy pretty fast. This is where you'll begin the game, awakening on the sand after surviving the attack on the Stygian slave ship you were being transported on.

2) Acheronian Gate

After fighting your way through the jungle from Tortage Beach, you'll find yourself surrounded by ancient Acheronian ruins. Violent volcanic activities on Tortage Island are causing architecture thousands of years old to shoot up from the ground. You'll find the gate locked - the key is hidden nearby, but don't expect the locals to hand it over easily.