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Age of Conan - Tortage Island guide

8) The Volcano

Lava from the towering active volcano flows in thick rivers over the island. Though it is the single most hostile environment on Tortage Island, several camps of bandits make their home on its sides. When you travel here to complete a quest, remember: maps in Age of Conan don't just go out - they go up, too.

9) Acheronian Temple

On one side of Tortage rest the gigantic ruins of an ancient Acheronian temple. The area surrounding it is littered with Pict encampments and plays home to some of the islands nastiest wildlife. Hint: a climbing shortcut located near the entrance will cut your travel time in this area.

10) White Sands Isle

You'll reach White Sands Isle by boat (go west when you enter the harbor); once there, you'll spend lots of time killing wild creatures and thinning Pict tribes. You'll also encounter the ancient ruins of Black Ones on the far side of the island. Do yourself a favor and locate the resurrection point near their lair - travel time between there and the beach is a beast.

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May 14, 2008