Advance Wars Cheats

Advance Wars Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get 999 points on first level in War Room

    1. use Max his power is very usefull.
    2. try to capture all the cities at the bottom of the screen with only 4 infantry units.
    3. From then on build tanks.
    4. Around the 8th day (if your on track) Olaf should do his snow attack.
    5. Focus on attacking, do not try to capture his base.
    6. To get 999 points, you must beat him in 10 days and only loss 1 unit tank or infantry.
    P.S. I tried all the other COs and they do not work.I've only done it twice, I always get it in 11 days. GOOD LUCK!

  • GBA | Submitted by Steveo200001

    Get Sonjas Serect Missions

    In Campaian mode once you get to yellow comet territory and face Kanbei's Imperial forces you have to beat each mission in a certain time limit. The first mission you have to beat in 9 days, the second mission in 10 days, and the third mission in 11 days. I find the easiest way to do this is to use the co Max for the first mission, Andy for the second mission, and Sami for the third mission (good luck).

  • GBA | Submitted by mad man


    This is how to beat enemies with your characters easily:
    Olaf-use Andy
    Eagle-use Sami/Drake
    Sonja-use kanbei
    Kanbei-use Kanbei
    Max-use Grit
    Grit-use max
    Drake-use Eagle

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    Way to get all COs except drake on 1campaign and beat Sturm Level easy!!

    The first trick here is when you first get Max, chhose him. Now you already have Grit when you beat the campaign mode. Then when you have to vs. Kanbei, you have to beat the first one of his in 8 days(use Max), 2nd- 10 days(use Andy), and third-12 days(use Sami). Then you get the Sonja missions, beat them and you unlock Sonja. When you get to vs. Drake, chhoose Sami for the next 4 missions, this will unlock the Rivals mission and Eagle. When you get to Sturm the first time, choose Max. Now everything is set up great. Instead of having Andy Max and Sami as your COs on the Sturm mission, you have Andy, Grit and Eagle! Now this is how you beat that easy.

  • GBA | Submitted by Nic

    Advanced Difficulty

    Simply hold select before you begin campaign mode and you will be in Advanced Mode. There will be stronger enemies but you will earn more coins for each battle won!

Advance Wars Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Nell

    Unlock Other Cos

    Beating the regular campaign will unlock Olaf as a playable CO in Vs. and Link Mode, but you can also get some of the other COs as well. The only problem is that you have to pay for them and certain conditions have to be met to unlock them. Check the Battle Maps room after you beat the Campaign mode -- and Hachi will offer COs for sale (for 50 coins, so save up). Here are the conditions that have to be met to unlock certain COs:
    Olaf: Unlocked after beating Campaign Mode
    Grit: Beat Campaign Mode and use Max in Mission 4. Buy from Hachi for 50 coins.
    Eagle: Beat Campaign Mode and use Sami for missions 15, 16, 17, 18, then beat secret mission 22. Buy from Hachi for 50 coins.
    Kanbei: Beat Campaign Mode. Buy from Hachi for 50 coins.
    Drake: Beat Campaign Mode. Use Andy for missions 15, 16, 17, and 18. Buy from Hachi for 50 coins.
    Sonja: Beat Campaign Mode. Beat Mission 9 in 8 days (or less), Mission 10 in 10 days, Mission 11 in 12 days, then beat the secret missions 12, 13, and 14. You can then buy Sonja from Hachi for 50 coins.
    Sturm: Beat Campaign Mode and unlock all other COs. You can then buy Sturm from Hachi.

  • GBA | Submitted by james preble

    Getting eagle

    First unlock the level rivals.
    Heres how to get eagle and beat it:
    DAY 1
    build two transporters and move a mech in them.there should be a infantry left and don't move it.
    DAY 2
    move each transporter 3 spaces forward.
    that is it!
    there's two goals:
    1.captue the airport in the middle.
    2.capture the HQ.
    DAY 3
    he built a bomer,what a waste of money!
    your concern is to build all air units.
    ignore the bomer and dont bother it.
    build a fighter and don't move transporters without 2 fighters and 1 b-copter at least.
    DAY 4...
    and from here you dont need to protect your HQ,because he makes no attempt to capture it,so dont build bomers, keep building fighters and b-copters to protect your
    transporters and slowly move them to the airport.drop the mechs when the bomer is out of range.then attack the unit he built on the airport, move somthing on that so its impossible for him to build somthig,capture it, from there use the airport to build more fighters and load the transporters with the mechs and head for the airport.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anman

    How to get Sonja

    To get Sonja you need to do three things.One you have to beat "Kanbei Arrives" in 8 or less days.Then beat "Mighty Kanbei" in 10 or less days. Next beat "Kanbei's Error" in 12 or less days. Then you go to 3 missons.You v.s Sonja in all 3. You must beat each one using a different CO. 1st one is max,nex is Sami, and last is Andy. Also if you do this, Kanbei will be a CO in "Final Battle".

  • GBA | Submitted by David Pinkawa

    Unlock Nell

    Get S rank on All missions in ADVANCE CAMPAIGN. Buy Nell for 80 coins

  • GBA | Submitted by seige

    How to get 2nd CO

    Simply get past level 3.

  • GBA | Submitted by Shy Guy

    Unlocking The Secret Mission and Cos

    To unlock to secret mission, "Rivals", use Sami as your CO for the missions "Captain Drake", "Naval Clash", "Wings of Victory", and "Battle Mystery".
    After you finish the campain mode, you can go through it again on a harder difficulty level. On the second time through, you can earn other COs.
    Kanbei: Automatic to get him
    Drake: Use Andy for "Captain Drake", "Naval Clash", "Wings of Victory", and "Battle Mystery".
    Grit: Use Max for "Max Strikes".
    Sonja: Win all VS Sonja missions.
    Eagle: Win the "Rivals" (note: other than Sturm this is the hardest to get.).
    Sturm:Get all of the COs!!! (Now thats hard!)
    I just need to get Sonja and Eagle to get Sturm, take it from me, its very difficult!

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Olaf

    Beat Campaign Mode And Buy Olaf from Hachi for 50 coins.