Activision goes Over the Hedge

Activision has snapped up the rights to publish games based on the upcoming DreamWorks film Over the Hedge, a computer animated feature from the makers of Shrek and Madagascar.

Despite releasing several screenshots, there's very little information available about the game, not even which format it will appear on. But as the Madagascar game appeared on every handheld and console, we can most likely expect a similar multiformat release.

As for the film, it has Bruce Willis providing the voice of a racoon con artist who comes into the lives of a group of woodland animals living just outside a Midwestern town.

He convinces the group that they should leave their leafy home and go "over the hedge" to plunder the human suburbs. Sadly, his tales of trash cans full of left over food and friendly children prove to be unfounded.

The project, which will hit screens in May, does sound particularly intriguing as it has William Shatner hamming it up as an overly dramatic possum and Avril Lavigne voicing his daughter.

Over the Hedgewill be outon May 9.