Ace Combat: Assault Horizon teases post-launch DLC

This latest trailer for Namco Bandai's Ace Combat: Assault Horizon takes a break from the frenetic action that's characterized the game so far. Instead, the clip offers the opportunity to expand your horizon-assaulting experience with some multiplayer DLC. Have you always wanted to visit Tokyo? Do so via this trailer: in the game, you'll be too busy dodging missiles and screaming at your co-pilot (as is our understanding from Top Gun) to enjoy the view.

Assault Horizon, designed in-house by Namco's Project Aces, launches on Oct 11 in the US. Namco Bandai is billing the title as “Modern Warfare with wings,” and while our is too classy to actually come out and say “a bit of pee came out,” that's the basic takeaway. We've got plenty of screenshots for you to peruse between now and the game's release, and the two-mission demo went live earlier in the month. Looking forward to getting some more airtime?

Sep 26, 2011