Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth character guide

Shi-Long Lang

Above: Popped collar, gelled hair, tribal dragons, I think we’ve got a Jersey Shore fan

This fiery man is Miles Edgeworth’s main rival. While he may seem like a bad egg in relation to his interactions with Edgeworth, Shi-Long Lang stands squarely on the side of good. He’s an Interpol agent who fights crime ferociously, with a long history of taking down some major crime syndicates. Still, he is kind of a jerk, so maybe he does hide a shady motive behind his seemingly lawful pursuits…

His name in Japanese, Shiryuu Rou, means Dragon Wolf. Make sure not confuse him with the crappy hair metal cover band that plays at your local bowling alley.


Above: Somber look, black outfit and red eyes? I’m sure she’ll be a reliable ally who’ll do everything she can to help Edgeworth!

As Shi-Long Lang’s unflappable assistant, Shi-Na doesn’t say much, but she always manages to maintain her cool even when confronted with Miles Edgeworth’s fearsome powers of logic. She has a definite air of mystery about her, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she has a larger role to play than just being Lang’s aide – perhaps her sultry exterior hides a sordid past that links her to one of Edgeworth’s cases, or maybe she has her own agenda that she’s keeping hidden from everyone. For now we can only speculate, but we trust Miles to get to the bottom of it all eventually.