Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth character guide


Wendy Oldbag


First appeared: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Wendy is definitely a “love to hate” type of character, as she’s constantly berating all the whippersnappers around her and complaining about everything under the sun. Introduced in Turnabout Samurai, from the original Phoenix Wright game, she works as security guard and can be relied upon to be unhelpful and long winded once on the witness stand. Her name is a pun on the term “Windy Old Bag” as she is constantly rambling on about nothing; in fact when she gets into one of her rants, the text scrolls so quickly as to be unreadable. Wendy is extremely fond of Edgeworth (much to his chagrin) and calls him “Edgey-poo.”

Maggey Byrde

Above: Mere moments before she walked under a ladder and broke a dozen mirrors with an open umbrella indoors

First appeared: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All

Nicknamed the “Goddess of Misfortune” Maggey has an uncanny knack for being in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. She’s been falsely accused of murder three times, but later found innocent thanks to Wright and Edgeworth. Like many of the other characters, she has been through a number of jobs including police officer, security guard and waitress. Her name is a reference to the Magpie bird, which is believed to bring bad luck. She’s currently dating Detective Dick Gumshoe.

Ema Skye

Above: “No I’m not telling you what’s in my purse, and no you can’t have my phone number”

First appeared: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Ema made her first appearance in the bonus chapter of the very first US Phoenix Wright game, Ace Attorney. Introduced as a forensic investigator in training, she was originally intended to be the star of Ace Investigations, before being replaced with the more popular Edgeworth. Ema was motivated to become a forensic investigator after blacking out during a key moment in a murder she was witnessing, and feeling guilty for being unable to help. Given Ace Investigation’s bigger focus on forensic evidence, players should definitely expect to see a lot of her.

Mike Meekins

Above: “Hmm I wonder what a “Goatse” is.” *clicks* “…….”

First appeared: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

A rookie police officer, Meekins is like Barney Fife with the volume cranked up to 11. He’s loud, clumsy and incompetent, though his heart is in the right place most of the time. Recently demoted to a court baliff during the events in Apollo Justice, he’s mostly comic relief though he does manage to inadvertently get wrapped up in the cases. His name represents his trademark megaphone “Mike” and his submissive, apologetic nature “Meek”.

Sal Manella

Above: “Hey Sal, have you seen my hentai collection... OH GOD!”

First appeared:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The proto nerd, Sal Manella was originally a television director for the popular Steel Samurai TV show, before the untimely death of one of its stars. Sal is essentially a stereotypical nerd who’s overweight, nervous around women and a huge fan of comics and anime. In fact, his Japanese name Uzai Takuya, literally translates into “annoying otaku”. Sal is notable for being the only character in the game who speaks in “1337,” using lots of nerdy internet slang, numbers for words and the like.

Winston Payne

Above: That luscious widow’s peak, the puke green suit, we can only dream of such majesty

First appeared:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Glass Joe of the court room, Winston Payne is the first rival prosecutor gamers must face in every Ace Attorney game. Though he’s known as the “Rookie Killer,” for his reputation of shutting down beginner defense attorneys, Winston goes down like a chump every time when up against Phoenix Wright and Apollo. He’s so shocked after his initial loss to Wright he loses his hair, and it’s constantly in a state of flux growing back and falling out as he goes from trial to trial. His name is a pun on the phrase “Winced in pain.”

The Judge

Above: It’s amazing how much “serious thinking” resembles “I fell asleep while you were talking”

First appeared:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Judge is another character who has appeared in virtually all the games at some point, presiding over the court room and handing down the verdict. Though he’s portrayed as absent minded and forgetful, he usually hands down the correct judgment. The Judge is in no way impartial and makes it clear whom he likes and doesn’t like in the courtroom, and is easily conned by attractive women. The Judge can be difficult to convince and constantly changes his mind; he never cuts Wright slack or gives him the benefit of the doubt though he’s slightly more even handed with Edgeworth. His running gags are usually just related to the fact that he’s old, and therefore a forgetful, confused, technophobe.

Larry Butz

Above: “Can you believe Ross was selling this rad orange blazer for only $4.99!?!”

First appeared:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright’s oldest friend, Larry Butz has made numerous appearances in the series as a wrongfully accused victim and unreliable witness. Butz is a complete goofball and a hopeless romantic; he’s constantly dating or getting dumped by models he meets. He’s portrayed as having terrible luck and never knowing when to shut up, which quickly becomes a problem whenever he’s on the stand. Like Gumshoe and Meekins, Larry Butz, despite his shortcomings, is a kind-hearted, good natured guy. Larry’s habit for getting into trouble is best summarized by the series’ oft repeated phrase “When something smells, it’s usually the Butz.”

Feb 12, 2010