Absurd Call of Duty: Warzone win proves you should never, ever teabag

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

One Call of Duty: Warzone player has captured a rare moment of karmic justice so sweet you can't help but smile. 

User Z_1886 shared the clip on Reddit (opens in new tab) after spotting it on Facebook, and you can tell it's been passed around a couple of video embeds from its rough resolution. Still, you don't need a high-quality video to deliver a high-quality kill, and this clip is the ultimate proof of that.

Saw this in Facebook from r/CODWarzone

You've got to respect the cajones behind this player's plan to turn the last remaining enemy into roadkill, especially given the rocky terrain of their showdown. Unfortunately, their opponent was able to shoot them out of the driver's seat before they could successfully connect their truck to the bad guy's face. 

In another twist, their opponent got cocky. After downing our brave protagonist, they slowly rocked up to savor a certain victory with a time-honored teabag. But the universe was watching, and it didn't miss this opportunity to deliver some karma. 

Our cocky antagonist was so busy trying to defile our hero that they didn't notice that the truck they'd no-doubt written off as a non-issue was still very much in play, and rapidly accelerating toward them in reverse. They eventually stop bagging and try to finish the job, but it's too late. It missed the first time, but the truck finally hits its mark, securing an unlikely win for our still-downed hero. 

There are two important lessons here. One, never teabag. Two, always put the parking brake on unless you're playing Warzone. 

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