This Walking Dead season 8 set photo puts Rick in a surprising location

Warning: possible spoilers below

It was clear from the end of The Walking Dead season 7 that future storylines would feature more conflict between Rick and Negan - we just didn't know how long it would take for tensions would boil over. But if a new set photo is any indication, The Walking Dead season 8 is gonna jump right in with Rick storming Negan's gates in the very first episode.

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The image you see above was posted by Daniel Newman, who plays, erm, someone also named Daniel. He fights on behalf of The Kingdom, one of the factions Rick rallied together at the climax of season 7. Judging by the background, they're at The Sanctuary, home base for Negan and his goons.

And considering that the season 8 premiere will be the show's 100th episode, it's hard not to connect the dots: Rick and Daniel (and presumably the rest of the good guy army) will storm The Sanctuary in the Walking Dead season 8 premiere.

Or, mayhaps season 8 will start mid-war and the rest of the episodes will be flashbacks? Showrunner Scott Gimple did say there would be a time jump of sorts. However it pans out, plan to see more of Jadis, Enid, and Simon - they've been promoted to series regulars.

Images: AMC / Daniel Newman

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