The Walking Dead season 8 casts Jadis, Enid, and Simon (AKA GTA 5's Trevor) as series regulars

Several recurring characters were killed off in The Walking Dead season 7 (opens in new tab), but three actors are slated to take their place(s). Pollyanna McIntosh, Katelyn Nacon, and Steven Ogg have been promoted to series regulars for The Walking Dead season 8 (opens in new tab), according to Variety (opens in new tab).

Unfortunately for Rick and the gang, most of these new regulars are definitely not friends. McIntosh plays Jadis, leader of The Scavengers - you might remember her as the woman that pushed Rick into a pit so he could do battle with a zombie covered in spikes. Nacon plays Enid, a teenage girl who first appeared in season 5 and has since developed a burgeoning relationship with Caaarruhhrl. Lastly, Ogg plays Simon, Negan's right-hand man. You might also recognize him as Trevor from GTA 5 (opens in new tab).

Wherever TWD season 8 takes these characters is anyone's guess, but Andrew Lincoln has said the show will "come out swinging (opens in new tab)." And if you're wondering whether The Walking Dead will make a time jump (opens in new tab) like in the comics, well, we're wondering too.

Images: AMC

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